Objectives and Goals
Goal no.1
Achieve complete equality for women and elimination all kind of violence and discrimination against.
General objective:
  • 1Activating the implementation of laws and agreements related to women's rights.
  • 2Lobbying on all Arab countries to ratify the convention on eliminating all kinds of discrimination against women (all agreements to eliminate all forms of discrimination practiced against women), the optional protocol and to lift the reservations made on some of the convention articles.
  • 3Contributing in promoting the culture of human rights and equality. Avoid discrimination and citizenship.
  • 4 Increase women's participation in decision making in the context of activating democratic practices.
Goal no.2
Building an Arab feminist democratic discourse to contribute and participate in the foundation of an Arab feminist movement.
General objective:
  • 1Building a mutual vision amongst the network organizations towards a feminist liberal democratic discourse.
  • 2Adopting a unified feminist democratic liberal vision by the network organization .
  • 3Strengthening the communication with the civil society organizations about the network's vision.
Goal no.3
Building an effective force from the Arab national organizations, working in solidarity with the international social movements that are working against the discrimination against women and the negative impact of globalization and occupation.
General objective:
  • 1Expanding scope of membership in the network.
  • 2Capacity building of the member organizations.
  • 3Strengthening and activating the inter-relation between members of the network and other Arab and international networks.
  • 4Gaining support of the United Nations Organizations and local and international organizations of human and women's rights.